Hello my name is Mark Aplet and I design and build websites
HTML5 CSS3 Compass Sass

Featured Work

This is where the rubber meets the road. The following samples represent a small cross section of my 12 years experience designing and developing for the web. Additional samples are available upon request.

About Me

I’m a user interface designer and web developer with 12+ years professional experience crafting beautiful interfaces for websites, desktops, and mobile applications.

I live in Sacramento, CA with my wife Heather, son Caleb, and neurotic pooch Henna.

Me and my son

Allow me to introduce myself

My name is Mark Aplet and I am an award winning interface designer with 12 years of professional experience in a variety of environments from small studios and startups to larger agencies. I am a self motivated go getter with a natural inclination for being a problem solver. I am a team leader and mentor, fostering creativity while thinking big picture. I am energetic and passionate about design and technology.

The other side

When I am not pushing pixels or pounding out some code, I can be found spending time with my family. Much of my free time has been spent teaching my son important life skills like saying “Oh Noooo” when YouTube interrupts our morning Curious George videos with an advertisement.


I love it when people contact me. I really do. If you have a question or comment about... well anything... feel free to ask me. You can also find me on twitter @visual28 and on my mini design blog snipppet.tumblr.com

Contact form disabled due to influx in spam. Please contact me via twitter or Behance in the meantime.