Conqu is a true multi-platform GTD application available for every major platform today. In this project my primary role was user interface designer, and front-end web developer. I also wrote all of the copy and managed the support pages.

Roles: Graphic Design, Web Development, UI/UX, Information Architecture, CMS
Company: AsFusion

Conqu - A powerful multi-platform task management tool

Conqu App - User Interface Design

Because Conqu was completely cross-platform the owners wanted a unified experience for all users. Doing so meant it was necessary to custom design every UI element in the app. Everything from button, toggles, and select menus to preferences panels was custom designed. During the process we actually had to build an internal app that took our sliced assets and ran a custom set of instructions to compile the styles necessary to display the asset properly.

Conqu - Today Screen

Conqu - Filtering within task detail

Conqu - A look into the future

Conqu Conceiting Sketches

Originally Conqu was going to be called Flow or FlowApp. The name had to change just before launch because a new product came to market at the same time coincidentally with the same name competing in the same space. Here are some sketches from the branding phase.

Conqu - Original Name: FlowApp

Conqu - Branding Concepts for Conqu


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