Fluke is a major brand name and it's a product I use and love. You can imagine how happy I was to get the chance to work on this project. It was a major undertaking as Fluke's site had a lot of features that need to be considered. One of the major reasons for Flukes redesign was "Responsive" They wanted their site to work on both desktops and mobile devices alike.

With the help of Foundation 3, Sass, Compass and a little bit of creative out of the box thinking I was able to deliver the templates to the integrators on time complete with code documentation and even some extra generic page templates that I knew they would ask for eventually.

Roles: Graphic Design, Web Design, UI/UX, Information Architecture, Web Development
Company: Limelight / FlagShip Creative

Fluke - Homepage Redesign

Fluke - Product Category

Fluke - Responsive Web Design


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